Little Victor (USA) & Down Home Kings

Amerikanitalialainen bluesartisti Little Victor ja kotimainen Down Home Kings palaavat Suomen keikkalavoille seitsemän vuoden tauon jälkeen. Yhtenä etappina Ohjelmaravintola Maxim. Ainutlaatuisena lavaesiintyjänä tunnettu laulaja, kitaristi ja huuliharpisti Little Victor julkaisi kesällä 2018 uuden Lo-Fi Deluxe -albuminsa, joka on saanut ylistäviä arvioita blues- ja roots-musiikkialan julkaisuissa ympäri maailmaa. Valtaosaltaan levyllä toimii säestysbändinä nimenomaan suomalainen Down Home Kings. Levynjulkaisun myötä bändi lähtee taas keikoille levittämään juke joint boogien ja down home bluesin ilosanomaa.

Little Victor – laulu, kitara, huuliharppu
Jussi "Jo Buddy" Raulamo - kitara,
Jaska Prepula – kontra- ja sähköbasso
Tyko "Down Home King III" Haapala - rummut.

Victor Mac (born Victor Macoggi on January 31, 1967) who is better known as Little Victor, The Beale Street Blues Bopper, and also DJ Mojo Man, is an Italian-American blues and roots musician, record collector, musicologist, entertainer, disc jockey and record producer. He is a singer-songwriter that plays guitar and harmonica. He is best known for his association with Louisiana Red, on the albums Back To The Black Bayou and Memphis Mojo.

Victor began singing at the tender age of 14 -- hence the name "Little" Victor. His first band mostly featured songs from the Sun Records vaults. At 16, he picked up the blues harmonica and started to wail in the style of Jimmy Reed and Junior Parker. He learned the real blues from playing with real bluesmen in Memphis, Tennessee when he was still a young man. He played on Beale Street six days a week with High Water recording artist Uncle Ben Perry, the "King of Handy Park." Beale Street wasn't yet the tourist trap it is today. This is why Little Victor is sometimes billed as The Beale Street Blues Bopper. He also learned from Herman "Alabama" Alexander, Ben Wilson and Wilroy Sanders. Most of them were irascible characters and few other musicians wanted to play with them. They used distorted sounds, didn't make the "correct" changes and always seemed to be grouchy to their accompanists. Victor didn't mind. He knew this was the real stuff, the music that won't be found in any tablature books and can't be learned by sitting at home listening to records. Drifting down river to North Mississippi, Victor jammed in a variety of deep blues guitar tunings in juke joints with RL Burnside, Jessie Mae Hemphill, Junior Kimbrough, Frank Frost, Willie Foster and a host of other backwater bluesmen. He soaked up the blues feeling of these great men and women, applying it to his own repertoire and style...

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